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Friday, September 3, 2010

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My Friend from the playground

I lost you as a friend, I really don't know why.

Could it be it was all a lie, or was it because we never tried.

I lost you as friend, Why did it have to end?

I thought it would last, but it's all in the past.

For so many years, through smiles and tears,

We shared everything we had, through good times and bad.

I lost you as a friend, I wish we could start over again.

But that will never be, because it's all just a dream.

Okay, this was a friend that I met on a school playground. We remained friends through the years, caught up with one another every once in a while. We caught up with each other on FB. I was invited to go to his class reunion. We just said hi to each other. He took quite a few pictures of me, and posted them. I had no problem with that. Unfortunately, he apparently grew very tired of my postings, and was quite offended about something that I said or did. Is this a guy thing or what? I did absolutely nothing offensive to this person! Well, today, he finally dropped me like an Fbomb on FB! No explanation whatsoever!

Teenage Driver Grounded during a football game

"Mom, Peter, Mitchell, Elliott, and I are going to the football game now, and Peter is picking up a friend in Renville.Bye!", said Cassie.

It was a nice evening for a Friday night football game, but it began and ended with trouble. Peter was driving Mitchell, Elliott, and Cassie along with a friend of his. He FINALLY had his driver's license, and he just wanted to celebrate his independence!

As soon as they reached Renville, Peter made a wrong turn on to a dirt road that led to a cemetary. By the time he realized that he couldn't back out, he pulled ahead instead, and CRASHED into a tombstone, and drove in between two trees! Cassie became rather petrified about the circumstances, and said, "Peter, I hope you know what you are doing!" Peter and Mitchell both said, "You are a jerk! So shut up!" She began to realize that they were totally lost!:(

Peter finally managed to drive out of the cemetary, and drove to the nearest farm to ask for directions.But, for the second time within an hour, he realized again that he could NOT back out of the driveway! So, he drove through the farmer's yard instead! The farmer's wife went flying outside their door, and shouted, "My yard! The grass! My flowers! You drove over our yard!" cried, the woman. She sounded like a yelping dog crying in pain! Peter slammed on the breaks, and jumped out of the car! But, as he did this, the man grabbed him by the shoulders, and slammed him against the car, and shouted, "Darn it, why in the heck did you do such a crazy stunt like that? They shouldn't let crazy kids like you drive!" As the farmer and his wife both proceeded to yell at Peter, Cassie prayed that they would all get out of this horrible mess!

They finally arrived at the game with Peter's friend in tow an hour and a half later! After the game was over, Cassie proceeded to look for the car and her brothers, but they had already left!(Too bad they didn't have cell phones back then!) Cassie stuck around to see if they would eventually show up. When some of her friends showed up to offer her a ride, she had to turn them down because of the bad situation!:( (They were really nice friends too!)

Peter and Mitchell proceeded to finally show up, but without Elliott, because he had gone to a friend's house, and wanted to be picked up later! Peter and Mitchell also decided that they wanted to hang out at the Charlotte's Web Pizza Place. When they finally arrived, the boys proceeded to leave Cassie behind to wait by herself in the car! Well, Cassie had had enough of the shananigans of her younger brothers, so she proceeded to Charlotte's in order to meet up with her friends. Then Peter showed up, and told her that he was ready to leave! UGH! Only one problem, the boys procrastinated even longer, which unfortunately made them all an hour late from their curfew! When they finally arrived home, Peter proceeded to tell his siblings to not mention anything about the car! As soon as they all walked in the door, their mother proceeded to ground all four of them! In the end, Cassie prayed that she would never take chances like her rambunctious siblings did on that fateful night of football!

Grounded for Driving

Grounded for Driving

Friend of the Playground

Friend of the Playground

Monday, August 30, 2010

Callie's Family History and Travel Blog: Train Travel Adventure

Callie's Family History and Travel Blog: Train Travel Adventure: "Do you remember a couple of years ago how the price of gas was astronomical? UGH! I needed a vacation really badly, and on top of that, I wa..."

Train Travel Adventure

Do you remember a couple of years ago how the price of gas was astronomical? UGH! I needed a vacation really badly, and on top of that, I was looking for employment! I had had enough! The train was going to go without me if I didn't pack up and go! My father had passed away six months earlier, and I needed some adventure just for fun!

My first layover stop was Chicago! It was an overnight layover, and I couldn't figure out where to stay! That's rather wierd for a 40 year old! So, I stowed my stuff in a locker, called for a cab, and went to a youth hostel for the night! Even though it was a bit on the buggy side, at least I had a bed to sleep in for the night.

I woke up the next morning, emailed loved ones on where I was at, and headed back to the train station! I stopped at a church for a little prayer time, and I was off! It was a long wait for the next train headed to Phoenix! I slept on the chair instead of a sleeper car, but that made it adventuresome too! You should see the scenery from the train! I forgot to mention that the food on the train, which was Amtrak by the way, was quite good! White table cloths, and different people to meet at every meal! How fun! I did get to stretch out to buy a newspaper once in a while, just to keep up with the news and comics of the day! I can NOT live without my comics! It took two and a half days to get to a suburb of Phoenix in order to catch a cab and sleep at a Hotel 6. On top of that, I could only get a smoking room! I don't smoke by the way. Sure was nice to finally get a hot shower. Unfortunately, I could not stay the whole time at the hotel, which meant that I had to find ANOTHER youth hostel to stay at. So, away I went on the inner city train to catch a bus to go to a not so nice neighborhood! Keep your eyes peeled for strangers looking for formula for their baby! They will just run away with your belongings! Thankfully, I was smart enough to know better! The youth hostel was okay, although the lady of the house did try to hit on me. I did get to meet men who were from France, Japan, and Scotland. I did hang out at the library, and went to Hard Rock Cafe as well. Lots of cactuses too. So that's where all the western movies were filmed!

While the interview did not go as well as I had hoped, I was back on the train to head for Los Angeles, and more adventures! To be continued.....